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We always line our Intentions up with the Highest Good. We do this by saying: "In order for my Intentions to manifest, they must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, myself, & everyone concerned. So Be It and So It Is!
It is Done!"

~Tina Stober~


The Ascenders Handbook: Two Roads Home

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The Ascenders Handbook: Two Roads Home

At long last! The Ascenders Handbook is out in Print and in Ebook! After twenty years in the making, the Sequel to The Intenders Handbook, The Ascenders Handbook: Two Roads Home is now available for the thousands of you who have read The Intenders Handbook and requested that we take it a step further.

The Ascenders Handbook: Two Roads Home, is an extension of The Intenders Handbook, sharing what we've learned since we founded the Intenders community. Written in the same fun style as our bestselling handbook (with lots of new stories and messages), this sequel will familiarize you with the basic principles of two distinctly different roads you can travel to reach your highest fulfillment.

"Your book is truly amazing and I have so loved reading it -- I printed it -- I have read most of it twice, and actually took it to the gym to read while I was on the elliptical machine -- it made the time just seem to float by as I was mesmerized with your thoughts."
Diane Leonard, www.DianeLeonard.com

In the first section, we'll explore the worldly road, the Intention Process, sharing new stories from our own travels and experiences with the Intenders. Then, we'll look at the major roadblocks and illusions that are keeping us from shining our highest light. In the final section, we'll present the Ascension Process, the inner road, for those who want to take a shortcut. If you're like us, having been brought up in the west with a whole slew of desires, you may want to do what we did: Follow one road for awhile, then follow the other and see how it works for you. Both roads lead to the same place, a place we call Home.

"While the Intention Process is for people who want to get good at fulfilling their worldly desires by making intentions, the Ascension Process is for those who are beginning to look inward. It's about having an extraordinary inner experience..."

All of the dramas on Earth
are nothing but a play
that is taking us to our awakening

The Ascenders Handbook: Two Roads Home  $5.00     

The Ascenders Handbook: Two Roads Home
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The Intenders Handbook Ebook Trilogy (Immediate Download)
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The Intenders Handbook Trilogy


~ Attention is Love ~
A Story from The Ascenders Handbook ~

BJ often said that it's easy to change the past. People do it all the time. We start to tell our story and, right away, we tend to exaggerate the way things really happened. We make it sound like it was bigger than it was, or how we were more heroic than we actually were. We do this, he said, because we want attention.

"Attention is love," he told me one evening while we were sitting at the picnic tables watching the sunset from the City of Refuge on the Kona side of the Big Island. "Love is putting your attention on another person the way they want it put on them. When you're giving your attention to someone else by letting them tell you their story, you're loving them. It's a great way to get to know people, and a great way for you to practice learning to love."

I thought about this new idea as the sun settled below the Pacific horizon. I could sure use more practice in the loving department. By letting others tell me their story, according to BJ, this is what I'd be doing.

"There's just one thing," he said with a smile. "Don't believe a word of it. It's just a story; it's not written in stone. People will tell you all sorts of strange things in order to get your attention. They'll exaggerate like crazy! It doesn't matter, though. Your job is to learn to love them, not believe them. Besides, it's in the past. It's all in their mind. It's not in the Here and Now. You know what's going on in the Here and Now, don't you, Tony?"

Again, I had to stop and think. Where was he going with this? I looked down the beautiful beach; the waves rolled gently onto the shore.

"That's right," he said, without waiting for my answer. "What's going on in the Here and Now is we're sitting here chatting and watching this amazing sunset in one of the most sacred places on the planet. It's all happening right in front of us. Everything else is just a story in our mind."


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The Ascension Reclamations


The Ascenders Handbook
Table of Contents

Introduction 5
Home 6
Two Roads 8

Part I ~ The Intention Process Revisited
Fulfilling Our Worldly Desires 17
Intenders Circle Updates 18
Angel Wings and Oneness 23
Sharing 25
Creating or Miscreating? 28
Our Thoughts Are Causing It All 33
The Highest Good 39
Manifesting for Free. Are You Kidding Me? 42

Part II ~ Removing the Roadblocks
Overcoming Doubts and Limitations 45
The Blame Game 48
No More Buttons 52
Gratitude for Everything 57
Not Guilty 59
Perfection 63
Patience and the Yet Factor 68
Playing a Role 74
Accepting 77
Letting Go 81
What God Created and What We Created 85
Two Voices 89
Quiet Time 92

Part III ~ Breaking the Spells
The Body and the Dream 94
The Separation 99
Your Story 103
Getting Here from There 106
The Story of the World 107

Part IV ~ The Ascension Process
Intenders Become Ascenders 111
Guidance from a Taoist Immortal 113
The View from the Projection Room 115
The Course 119
The New Forgiveness 123
Turning It All Over 125
Coming Home 127
Ascension Process Activation 129
Epilogue ~ Don't Stop Along the Roadside 134

About the Intenders 136
About the Author/Gratitudes 137
Resources 139
An 8th Reclamation? 141
The Ascension Reclamations Poster 142




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