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WINS: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders
Manifestation Stories from the Intenders
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We always line our Intentions up with the Highest Good. We do this by saying: "In order for my Intentions to manifest, they must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, myself, & everyone concerned. So Be It and So It Is!
It is Done!"

~Tina Stober~


The Intenders of the Highest Good

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The Intenders of the Highest Good show you how to set your intention to have that which you desire come to you as easily and effortlessly as possible. We have rediscovered a simple method of empowerment that we call The Intention Process which is making all of our dreams come true. We understand that our desires are in us to be fulfilled and that our thoughts create our world. We support and help one another to become as clear as possible in our words and our thoughts so that we can live our lives to the fullest.

Anyone can do it! Just by saying your intentions each day and gathering together on a regular basis with your friends in an Intention Circle, you can change your life for the better.

These Intention Circles are designed to provide you with a unique Format for coming together with your friends and neighbors. You can join a nearby circle or set up a circle of your own.

The Intenders is free: There are no dues to pay, no memberships to join, and no leadership positions to occupy. You do not even have to call yourselves Intenders. You can create your own conscious community by following our guidelines and call your group whatever you like.

The Intention Process is for those who want to use the Laws of Manifestation in their daily lives, line up with the Highest Good and have a lot of fun while they're at it!

The Intenders 4 Handbook Quartet

NEW! The Intenders 4 Handbook Quartet

"The Intenders Handbook  is simple and empowering!
This is one of the best books on the planet."
- Lee Ching


A Note from The Intenders Handbook


"That which is meant to be yours will come to you. Just as those of you who are aligned with the highest good will eventually experience your highest ideal, so shall your daily needs be met. You need never worry about your survival because there was a special mechanism put into place long ago which regulates and guarantees that everything you need will be there for you in the exact moment that you need it. Oftentimes it will not appear until the instant before it is needed, but you may be assured that while you are waiting you are being strengthened. As you learn to trust in this wondrous process the obstacles and hardships of life fall by the wayside and are replaced by a serenity that knows no limit.

These times of great upheaval are truly gifts unto you. You are constantly surrounded with an environment that is conducive for bringing out your most fulfilling form of expression. Your ego, the part of you which is in service to yourself, is giving way to a much larger, grander you - the you that is in service to others. You are blossoming in all your glory, and it is this blossoming that you have always longed for. Be open, be available, and, in the meantime, be at peace. Your prayers and intentions are all being answered. "

~Tony Burroughs~




All of our Intenders Circles, Newsletters, Bridge Messages and The Vision Alignment Project are free. The Intenders Newsletter comes out once a month. If you sign up for either The Intenders Bridge Messages or The Vision Alignment Project you will automatically receive the monthly Intenders Newsletter. We have expanded the number of Bridge Messages so there are now 240 of them - and we have also spread them out so that after the first 44 days you will begin to receive them every other day. We are continually adding more Visions to The Vision Alignment Project which at present total 220 in number. These Visions are sent out every other day for the first 22 days and then they will arrive twice a week after that.

The Intenders Bridge Messages and The Vision Alignment Project are uniquely different from one another. The Bridge Messages are a Course in Self Empowerment, while The Vision Alignment Project is a way for you to Create a Better World. Many people are subscribed to both programs at the same time, and you are welcome to do so.

BTW: Your Email Address will NEVER be sold, rented or provided to any third party. Period.


*In order to provide you with even better service,
The Intenders have recently merged with our sister site, Highest Light House.
We intend that you enjoy our new website!


The Highest Good Handbook: Love, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness

NEW! The Highest Good Handbook

The Highest Good Ebook (Immediate Download)  $5.00     


~ Linda's Highest Good Story ~
An Excerpt from The Highest Good Handbook ~

"For years I didn't understand why all these weird experiences kept coming my way. It was usually little things, frustrating things. I'd have car trouble when I was running late; I'd go shopping for items I needed, and they'd be out of them; I'd go out on blind dates that wouldn't work out. It seemed like it was one thing after another. My entire life felt like it was destined to create problems for itself.

Then, one evening I went to an Intenders Circle and our hostess, Diane, was explaining that it's wise to watch our thoughts. In her introduction to newcomers (like me), she said that we're all living under the Law of Attraction - she also called it the Intention Process - and that the people who are the happiest are the ones who get what they want, while attracting less of what they don't want.

According to her, the Law works like this: Everything we're thinking has the potential to work its way into our daily life; it just depends on how much attention we put on it. The more we keep our attention on a thought, the more it's apt to manifest. "This is important," she said, "because it explains why some people keep drawing unwanted, adverse events into their lives. It's because they're holding their thoughts on undesirable experiences; they're doubting or worrying, both of which tend to bring them the exact opposite of what they really want.

"When we're doubting or worrying," she said, "we're envisioning things going wrong ... and so they do! That's when we need to 'change the channel' like we would on the TV when the program we're watching isn't enjoyable anymore. We simply stop thinking about what we don't want, and switch to thinking about what we do want. Then everything gets better for us."

She went on for another few minutes expanding on the Law to make sure we understood what she was saying, then she told us about the Highest Good. She said that it would keep us from having so many undesirable things happen to us. Even if we caught ourselves mulling repetitive, unserving thoughts over in our minds, the Highest Good would supersede these doubts and worries and make sure we began drawing better experiences into our lives.

Well, the little talk Diane shared with us that night changed everything for me. Now I understood how my thoughts were affecting my daily life. It made me pay more attention to what I was thinking and manifesting for myself. That Intenders Circle was just under a year ago and, since then, I've been watching my thoughts more closely, and I "change the channel" whenever I notice that I'm doubting or worrying - and you know what? No more car problems. No more fruitless trips to the store. No more strange blind dates because I met the man of my dreams! Now with the Highest Good at work in my life, I'm not attracting those frustrating situations like I used to. Thanks to my new friend, Diane, and the Intenders, I'm enjoying my life like never before.
Linda Poznanski


The Intenders 4 Handbook Quartet

NEW! The Intenders 4 Handbook Quartet

The Intenders 4 Handbook Quartet
All Four of our Beautifully Printed Handbooks  $14.95     

The Intenders 4 Handbook Quartet Ebook (Immediate Download)
All Four of our Intenders Handbooks in One Ebook!  $14.95    


~ Rob's Highest Good Story ~
An Excerpt from The Ascenders Handbook ~

"When I found the Highest Good, it was like something in my life clicked into place. I'd made intentions before and manifested a few things, but something wasn't quite right. I kept getting things that didn't quite work out for me. The shoes that manifested were the wrong size, the car that manifested needed major repairs, the relationship that manifested went sour right away, and so on. I couldn't figure out why these things were happening until I ran across the concept of the Highest Good. Right off the bat, it resonated with me! I started saying the Highest Good clause at the end of my intentions and it wasn't long before I had new shoes that fit like a glove, the car miraculously fixed itself, and a new lady, who is one of the sweetest people I've ever met, came into my life. It was like I had the magic touch. But, looking back, I can see that it wasn't magic at all. It was the Highest Good!"
Rob Eastman

It is our intention that The Ascenders Handbook takes you to your next step in life!



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