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"What if all of us were seeing everyone, including ourselves,
in our highest light?"

-Lee Ching/Tina Stober


Welcome to Highest Light House

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We at Highest Light House are honored to offer you the finest in cutting-edge Books, CDs, DVDs and Spiritual Tools specifically created to brighten your life at this most significant time in our history. In the Spirit of bringing people together we are also especially proud of our growing HLH Network of Counselors. We thank you for visiting us, and we intend that your experience here is uplifting, empowering and blessed in every way.


About Us


Highest Light House is an offshoot of The Intenders of the Highest Good. It was developed because we realized that many fine authors and artists out there are not being recognized for their good works for two primary reasons. First, there are extremely limited sources for the distribution of new thought, spiritual and metaphysical materials; and second, many of these highly dedicated lightworkers would rather use their time cultivating their creativity instead of pursuing the often daunting task of marketing.

Thus, Highest Light House was born in order to help you connect with some of the most creative people on the planet. We are positive that you will resonate deeply with many of our products and tools, as well as with the gentle guidance offered by our Network of Counselors. Accordingly, it is our heartfelt intention that we are bringing you the most forward thinking, helpful information available at this time of great change.



"Your joy walks with you every step of the way. You need look no further than that which is your own being. The world would have you think otherwise, and yet, what you do, how you think, and what you feel is entirely up to you. You are truly a magnificent entity with powers lying dormant and feelings, so sublime, ready to burst forth like a young flower which spreads its petals for the first time to greet the morning summer sun.

How long will you wait before you see yourself in your highest light and do what makes you truly happy? What will it take for you to open your heart and radiate outward the ocean of love which lies within you? You have been bound up too long, shackled to your fear, imprisoned by ghosts who are not real unless you make them so. The world needs you to be happy, to shine your light on all that you see, to laugh without limit, to touch the hearts and minds of every man, woman, and child who come your way. Take a chance now and live life like you've always wanted. Envision yourself throwing off the fetters of fear, and calling unto you the glory that is yours by right of birth. Let your joy blaze like a fire in the night. That's what the world needs from you.

And, more than that, that's what you need from you. "
-Tony Burroughs



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